Thursday, June 26, 2014

Big Bugs & The Carousel

The First 2014 Summer Big Zoo Visit

These two photos are Dietrich's request...

The beautiful new carousel...It is just lovely.

This is the one I wanted to ride!

Grandma Nancy -- Atticus chose the penguin! (-:

Lincoln wanted the falcon he was first sitting on, but moved up to the baby hippo to ride next the Thea Belle.

He's just so cute!

Enormous robotic bugs!

The bombardier beetle shot hot steam out of it's nose which was weird since they actually shoot their acid out of their bootie. Anyhoo...the boys loved it...

A 9-inch long real live walking stick insect!

Live animal show...

Ending indoors at the shark tank -- this time all three boys were able to pet a shark...Thea Belle's arms just aren't long enough yet! This was Lincoln's first success and he was so elated (-:

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