Thursday, May 22, 2014

Toronto in May!

Towards the end of May I got to fly out to Toronto to visit Leah! Yay! My first trip on my own in 9 years...kind of a shock to the system. Autonomy. Ease of movement. Actual rest. Flexibility of existence. Weird. It was very good to have a break from the heaviness of my current life, but it was good to remember why I want the weight of the meaningfulness of my life -- my husband and children need and want me and I need and want to be needed and wanted. And it was good to be with me friend -- We had so much time to talk and be together. And it was a surprise for me that I had so many good conversations with her husband Eric too -- In our life together back in Minneapolis, Eric was usually at work when Leah and I hung out with the kids, so I was thankful to catch up with him, get to know him better, and see a more full picture of their life in Toronto through both Leah and Eric's "eyes". Toronto is a neat city -- a little bigger than Chicago. Interesting houses and neighborhood walk-to-able shopping/eating areas. I loved how much we walked every day I was there. As everyone who knows the Millers has experienced, they are so hospitable and great at showing you their city and lives, wherever they are, whatever they are doing! I miss them so much, but was assured even more deeply, that God has a hand on them being in Toronto now, and is using them for good things, and doing good things in them through this part of their lives. Amen.

Rose said we had to pose like this. I obeyed.
At my favorite cafe...We went here twice and the sandwiches were amazing.

Ike!!! loves when I try to hug and kiss him.

Despite Cal's sullen teenage pose here, he was in a good mood and I enjoyed these three kids immensely (and they seemed to put up with me (-:). I learned new rainbow loom designs and some useful things about Minecraft.


Out seeing the city with the crew!

Drawing with Rose!
Ike drawing...


Leah in her milieu!



Love you, Leah!!!!!

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Leah Miller said...

Haha. Hilarious tramp pics. I love the solo one of you that is last. It's so awesome.
Thanks so so much for coming. You are a blessing.