Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014

Best I could do as we headed out the door to church...with the Resurrection Pogo Stick Prop and Deke's Easter Pirate Tie that Brad said was appropriate because the skulls remind us of Christ's death and the white is for us being washed clean by His blood (the red handerkerchiefs) -- oh dear.

Thea Belle's Easter dress...I was happy to figure out how to fully line a dress with no seams showing. This dress was her request after watching a Jane Austen movie with me: Mom, may I please have a white dress? They are so "elegant"!

Pale pink ribbon on her left shoulder is from a blanket with roses and satin trim that I had on my bed growing had been my grandma's. The trim sort of fell apart but I saved a few pieces of it for something someday. It became the bow on Thea Belle's dress this year.

Easter egg hunt with the Rowleys

Easter egg stuck in a tree...Hoola Hoop rescue underway...


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liz@carpeseason said...

Sarah - Thea Belle's dress is so pretty! And I love that you used that piece of blanket. So sweet.
Also - the 3rd egg hunt pictures IS. JUST. SO. LINCOLN. I love it so much.