Tuesday, April 02, 2013

And Then Came Lincoln's Birthday -- Four!!!

Chronologically out of order, but thankful for Leah taking these two wonderful pictures of Lincoln at his evening pizza party. I took no pictures during the party! Thank you, Leah!!

We started bright and early on Sunday morning, St.Patrick's Day to open gifts before church...

Atticus made an elaborate card for Lincoln -- his own initiative and idea. I was so happy because he and Lincoln have the most difficult/distant relationship.

Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Tom drove up to bowl in the afternoon -- Lincoln's two requests for his birthday was to have people he loved celebrate with him and to go bowling.

Our friends the Rowleys came and joined us for bowling...(the Millers and Bergets and Aunt Bekah came for pizza and cake later (-:)

Ali Rowley!

Vicki and Keira!

Keira and Thea Belle -- not "into" getting a picture taken.


Mutual Love -- Vicki and Lincoln

Guy Friends
Aunt Bekah comes by to read and give gifts and celebrate Lincoln

Happy Birthday, Lovey-Boy -- So thankful to have you as my son.

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