Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Guardians of the Very Smart Big Baby

This morning Dietrich, Lincoln and Thea Belle spent much time taking care of babies. Thea Belle has her "little baby" and the two boys adopted enthusiastically the "big baby". She ate lunch between the two of them. Part way through lunch she finished her bottle of milk and lunch of plastic peas and was getting rather fussy. Dietrich cleared away her food and found her a toy of plastic keys. I asked them which of them were the daddy and he said that neither of them were. That actually, the baby's parents had both died. And that her grandpa was 50 years old. And her grandma was 57. Therefore, they were much, much too old to take care of a baby. In fact, the grandparents lived in a house where nurses take care of very old people. But that once a week Dietrich and Lincoln take the baby to visit her grandparents. Lincoln also added that the baby knows how to count to 13 and knows that another name for the Ten Commandments is The Decalogue. Oh, and he added excitedly, she also knows that the three offices of Christ are Prophet, Priest and King (can you tell what part of the Westminster Catechism we are working on?)

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liz@carpeseason said...

Wow. I do not have words to express how happy reading this made me. (which sounds like a spam comment, but you know me.) This is good stuff.