Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Atticus' Kindergarten Party

 Atticus' kindergarten class had an end of the semester program last Friday. The unit study was on buildings and our city. They had different parents of all different professions come in to talk with the class about what kinds of things they did each day -- an architect, and engineer, a firefighter, a doctor, a construction worker, etc. The program started with a musical play of the The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf. Atticus was part of the Stick House. His friend Oliver is the Big Bad Wolf. His teacher (blond) is Mrs. Wisniewski and also to the left is their student teacher Miss Engebretson who the kids all adored. Atticus was so sad that it was her last day in their class. Dietrich and Lincoln are sitting on the floor in the middle aisle at the front. Brad came over from work and is behind me holding Thea Belle. (I'm going to post quite a few photos here -- mostly for the grandparents who wanted to be here for this (-:)

There was artwork everywhere down both sides of the hallways and along the walls and on tables, even hanging from the middle aisle in the center of the room. Parents volunteered to set up the display. It was so well-done -- like everything else Mrs. Wisniewski seems to do with the children. I am so thankful she is Atticus' teacher this year.

Blurry photo but to show you the hallway display...

Atticus in the middle here...

Some of the books they read together for the unit study.

According to Atticus -- a "Gunscraper" is a gun that is secretly disguised as a very tall building.


My attempt at a group shot -- hoping to get a picture for a January Christmas Card. Ha!!

I was there. Proof from Dietrich's photo.

We love you Grandma Susan and Grandpa Gary, Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Tom -- We hope these pictures help you feel a little like you had been here with us. See you for Christmas!!


Joslin3 said...

Sarah, Atticus' school looks amazing! Love all the art.

Sarah! said...

It really does seem like a wonderful school -- His teaching is fantastic.